Assistant Principal Article Week 8 Term 4

Bronze and Silver Awards

At this morning assembly we presented a number of studetns with Bronze and Silver Awards. At student will achieve a Bronze Award when they have received 5 Assembly Awards. A Silver Award is achieved when 10 Assembly Awards are received. An Assembly Award is awarded to a student when they are safe in all areas,  always ready to learn, and at all times show respect to themselves, each other, their teachers and thier school.

Congratulations to the following students who received a Bronze Award today

Samuel Ambrosoli
Charli Butler
Lara Crameri
Maiya Edwards
Finn Kelly
Katia Apps
Ethan Cameron
Daniel Gibson
Elizabeth Gott
Grace Incorvil
Zara Lewis
Elias McCaffery
Zoe McKenzie
Finn Gerlach
Michael Gibbeson
Max Incorvil 
 Dominic Jackson
Eloise Lorking
Christopher Martland
Darcy O'Callaghan
Mya Pockran
Nathan Sammour
Neve Burns
Nathaniel Cariolato
Millie De Mattia
Margaret Foot
Isabelle Geelan
Baden Gerlach
Bailey Heyman
Noah Hunter
Scarlett Jurd
Sophie Keast
Hamish McKenzie 
Connor O'Leary
Noah Phoebus
Paige Roberts
Anna Santoro
Kate Tam
Daniel Tioukavkin
Dasha Tioukavkin
Alexandra Toole
Jorja Vermaak
Daniel Welch 

For the first time, we were able to present Silver Award's to 2 students. Congratulations to April Darby and Holly Wye of Year 5.

Semester 2 Reports

Next Friday all students will bring home their Semester 2 Report. This report provides you with a chance to discuss your child's learning in 2017 and talk about their personal bests. If you would like to discuss the report with your child's teacher, please contact the office to make an appointment in Week 10.

What's on in 2018!

This week the 2018 calendar was uploaded. You can now access all the key events for 2018 via the school website (Current Families > Events) or Skool Bag. Families can also subscribe to the calendar using the subscribe link at the bottom of the Events page on the website. 

Some of the days do contain a number of events. Select the Agenda or Day view to improve the detail that the calendar contains.

Christmas Concert

Monday the 4th of December is our School Christmas Concert. It is expected that all students will attend. The concert will commence at 6:30pm. Students are asked to arrive at the Parish Hall between 6:00pm and 6:15pm. During this time, families will be able to view a video presentation of key events from the year in church.

After the concert, the P&F will provide each student and their family with a sausage on a roll and ice block.

Don't forget to wear your Christmas Colours.

Let you light shine

Ben Ticehurst