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The key to understanding maths is making sense of it. Many students believe that maths is a set of steps or facts that have to be remembered - this belief is associated with low achievement. Maths is a very creative subject that is, at its core, about visualizing patterns and creating solution paths that others can see, discuss and critique.
2018 Term 1 Week 4
The power of mistakes and resources to support numeracy at home.
Our learning goal in Numeracy, for 2018, is For all students to develop their visualisation skills and reasoning, by making a connection between the abstract, modelled and visual representations of their thinking.
Welcome you to 2018. A year of opportunity for growth and exploration, a chance to transform and be curious.
Over the next 6 weeks there will undoubtedly be times of boredom. Times when your child will ask, what are we doing today? Perhaps the answer should more often be nothing. Why? We need to give our children opportunities to get creative. Throw them into a time zone where we have not rescued their boredom. Let them explore time and come up with something new.
First Communion, ANZAC Memorial Soil Collection, e-library, school calendar, Rotary dinner
Bronze and Silver Awards, Semester 2 Reports, 2018 Calendar and Christmas Concert
Reading Recovery Students Graduate
You may have heard your children or teacher talk about learning intentions or success criteria. Perhaps you have seen them displayed in the classroom. If you have ever wondered why your child’s teacher uses these in the classroom, hopefully I can provide a brief overview of the significance and purpose of each.