Education Mass creates a ‘first’ for the Diocese of Parramatta

It was a first for Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta recently when the largest cross section of Western Sydney schools attended the annual Diocesan Education Mass at the Cathedral Church of St Patrick’s in Parramatta. Read more…

Positive behaviour creates great learning!

Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta (CEDP) school leaders and teachers were given a special opportunity to expand their knowledge of Positive Behaviour Support For Learning (PBS4L) when Dr Tim Lewis, Professor of Special Education at the University of Missouri, shared his research with them recently. Read more…

Captivate shines during spectacular showcase performance

Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta students had the opportunity to shine when the Captivate performing and creative arts program recently hosted its 10th Anniversary Showcase at Quaycentre, Sydney Olympic Park. Read more...

P&F Executive Committee

2018 P and F Executive Committee and roles

PBS4L Update Term 1 Week 6

Our values are statements about how we think we should behave and what we believe is important. Our values are our moral map, which guide our behaviour and actions. The following values are taught in the BOUNCE BACK! program. Acting on these values can increase your child’s sense of being a decent, worthwhile person and help them to be more resilient.

Term 1 Week 6 Newsletter - RE News

Term 1 Week 6 Newsletter - RE News

Maths is about Creativity and Making Sense

The key to understanding maths is making sense of it. Many students believe that maths is a set of steps or facts that have to be remembered - this belief is associated with low achievement. Maths is a very creative subject that is, at its core, about visualizing patterns and creating solution paths that others can see, discuss and critique.

PBS4L and Bounce Back Update

PBS4L is Positive Behaviour Support for Learning. It is a school wide positive behaviour support approach that aims to develop social and learning outcomes. It supports us with teaching our school “Be Safe”,and “Be Respectful” and “Be a Learner”.

RE News Term 1 Week 4

RE News Term 1 Week 4

2018 Week 4 Term 1

2018 Term 1 Week 4