School uniforms can be purchased from our school uniform supplier, Principal School Wear, Springwood. School hats can be purchased from the school office at any time.

Please note:

  • Nail polish is not allowed
  • Only plain stud earrings or sleepers can be worn, and only one earring in each ear
  • Jewellery may only include a signet ring or one religious symbol on a necklace
    Note: Jewellery guidelines are established for student safety in the playground and on the play equipment, and to safeguard from the loss of special items
  • Hair should be clean and tidy and long hair at collar length must be tied back with ribbons of the school colours (sky blue, navy or maroon). Hair colouring is not appropriate for school times. This rule applies to all students
  • No hair ornaments are permissible e.g. beads, additional extensions, decorative clips, flowers
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times
  • Cargo shorts and cargo pants are not part of the school uniform
  • Black school shoes must be lace ups or buckles/Velcro. This is a safety matter on our site, due to stairs
  • Sport shoes must be predominantly white.

Upon enrolment at St Finbar’s, parents undertake to support the school’s policies and codes of conduct - the implementation of school uniform procedures is one such area. Parent support of this, in the home, is requested, if we are to truly work in partnership.

Home/school communication processes will continue for those children not wearing correct school uniform if a letter of explanation has not been received. This communication also includes letters pertaining to inappropriate hairstyles and hair lengths.