School Notes


This page contains a collection of information notes, permission slips and general documents sent home from St Finbar's Primary Glenbrook.

Simply choose the relevant category below to expand the list and access the note you need. If you’re unable to find your note or need any further information please contact the school office.

  Application for Extended Leave

This application is to be completed by the parent or caregiver of the student/s for leave of more than 10 days for the purpose of travel within Australia and/or overseas and must be shown to the Principal for approval.

  Child Protection Module

All volunteers need to complete this online module every two years

  Complaints and Grievances Procedures

From time to time concerns may arise between different parties. The following procedures have been developed to effectively address those concerns.

  Excursion Policy

The school's policy on the organisation and management of school excursions

  ICT Acceptable Use Policy

A letter of agreement on how to use IT at school.

  Pastoral Care Policy

The School's Policy on pastoral care of our students. Last updated 2012

  St Finbar's Road Safety Policy

St Finbar's Road Safety Policy updated 2015

  Student Relationship Policy

The school community fosters an inclusive and encompassing approach to dealing with bullying.

  2019 School Fees Schedule

Diocesan Schedule and School Based Fees

  Child Protection for Volunteers

Compulsory Modules to complete Online if you wish to volunteer in the classroom.

  Christmas Concert Parent Letter

Christmas Performance Information

  Consent to Publication

Parental consent to publication of images and photographs

  Cupcake Stall

Buy some cupcakes to support Year 6

  First Aid and Medication Policy

First Aid and Medication Policy Information

  Morning and Afternoon Procedures

New procedures for morning arrival and afternoon dismissal for students

  Premiers Reading Challenge

2019 Premiers Reading Challenge

  Skoolbag App Download Instructions

How to download Skoolbag App

  Special Food Day 17 May

Special Food Day Pizza Friday 17 May

  Sunscreen Policy

Sunscreen Policy

  Travel Arrangements Form

Form to be completed detailing how each student travels to and from school.

  Vinnies Hamper Collection

Collection details

  World Down Syndrome Day

Coloured socks for Down Syndrome