Assistant Principal News 2018 Term 1 Week 2

Our school goal for Numeracy this year is:


For all students to develop their visualisation skills and reasoning, by making a connection between the abstract, modelled and visual representations of their thinking.


Over the holidays, I read a book called Mathematical Mindsets by Jo Boaler. Jo is a Professor of Mathematics Education at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. Her book provided me with many new and interesting insights into the teaching of Mathematics, and how we can engage students in Maths.


New brain research is showing that our brains think visually about mathematics and even when we perform a bare number calculation five different pathways are involved, two of which are visual (Boaler, Chen, Williams & Cordero, 2016). The dorsal visual pathway is the main brain region for representing the knowledge of quantity. When students are asked to visualize in mathematics, their achievement and engagement increases significantly. I like to think about it in this way – our brains want to think visually about maths!


When thinking about mathematics see a creative, visual connected and living subject