2017 Administration End Of Year Alerts

Dear Parents and Caregivers, 

As the 2017 school year is coming to an end, there are a few administration items that need some attention.  Below we will list relevant information for all administration matters for the year end and commencement of 2018. 

Cut off date for payments - During the holidays CEDP will be rolling our finance database over to Tech One.  Due to this, we have a cut off date for all payments which is Tuesday 12 December.  NO payments will be able to be taken in the office after this date.  This includes the sale of hats, second hand uniforms and school fees. 

Commonwealth Student Banking - The last day for student banking will be Tuesday 5 December.   No rewards will be ordered on this day.  We apologise for any inconvenience, however they will be able to be redeemed in 2018.  Thank you for your support of the Student Banking initiative in 2017. 

Contacts - It is always important that our records for each student are up to date throughout the year.  This is for medical alerts, contact details for parents as well as emergency contacts.  If you have changed your phone number/s and forgotten to notify us, you will need to contact us no later than Friday, 15 December so that our system can be updated. 

Have any of the emergency contacts for your child/children changed their number during the year ?  Now is the time to bring these records up to date. 

Do we have your email address in our system ?  If not please notify us.  The new Tech One system will enable us to email receipts to you directly.  There will be no need for a receipt to be printed unless you specifically request one.  It is important that all email addresses are up to date, in order for you to receive your receipts. 

TIMSThis will become our emergency alert messaging system from the start of 2018.  You will be notified by a general text message alert if there is a bushfire or any emergency immediately relevant to St Finbar's.  We will also be starting to use this system to notify parents of their child/children's absences.  Therefore it is extremely important for mobile phone numbers and email addresses to be up to date at all times. 

Lost Property - To assist in preventing a build up of lost property next year, we would ask that over the holiday period you take some time to refresh the labelling on your children's hats, jumpers, jackets, general uniform items, drink bottles, lunch boxes and any other items they may regularly bring to school.  Thank you for your cooperation with this. 

Notification of Exit - If you know that you will not be returning in 2018 and have not already notified St Finbar's, we ask that you contact the school office and obtain an Exit Form to complete as soon as possible.