Life and learning is like pastrami. Marbled, not layered.

Pedagogical Content knowledge.

In 1986 Dr Lee Shulman introduced the term, Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK). PCK is at that convergence of content and pedagogy. This goes beyond the knowledge of subject matter, but understanding the best methods of transferring knowledge, learning frameworks and tools that makes learning for a particular topic easy or difficult. In a word, the ways of representing and formulating the subject that makes it comprehensible to others.

The challenges educators face to their pedagogical content knowledge are:

1. Knowing the subject matter

2. Knowing what students know, so that is relevant to the knowledge being taught

3. Keeping track of progress students are making and

4. Presenting learning experiences in ways that coherently link ideas and skills.

Shulman recorded this podcast below for a program titled, “I Believe”. In this podcast, he outlines the pastoral nature of learning as well as the importance of how we link ideas together. That metaphorically, life and learning is like pastrami. Marbled, not layered.

Listen to Lee Shulman's podcast here: