P&F Executive Committee

2018 P and F Executive Committee and roles

PBS4L Update Term 1 Week 6

Our values are statements about how we think we should behave and what we believe is important. Our values are our moral map, which guide our behaviour and actions. The following values are taught in the BOUNCE BACK! program. Acting on these values can increase your child’s sense of being a decent, worthwhile person and help them to be more resilient.

Term 1 Week 6 Newsletter - RE News

Term 1 Week 6 Newsletter - RE News

Maths is about Creativity and Making Sense

The key to understanding maths is making sense of it. Many students believe that maths is a set of steps or facts that have to be remembered - this belief is associated with low achievement. Maths is a very creative subject that is, at its core, about visualizing patterns and creating solution paths that others can see, discuss and critique.

PBS4L and Bounce Back Update

PBS4L is Positive Behaviour Support for Learning. It is a school wide positive behaviour support approach that aims to develop social and learning outcomes. It supports us with teaching our school “Be Safe”,and “Be Respectful” and “Be a Learner”.

RE News Term 1 Week 4

RE News Term 1 Week 4

2018 Week 4 Term 1

2018 Term 1 Week 4

The Power of Mistakes

The power of mistakes and resources to support numeracy at home.

PBS4L News 2018 Term 1 Week 2

PBS4L is Positive Behaviour Support for Learning. It is a school wide positive behaviour support approach that aims to develop social and learning outcomes. It supports us with teaching our school “Be Safe”, and “Be Respectful” and “Be a Learner”.

RE News 2018 Term 1 Week 2

A very big and warm welcome back to all of you as we begin another wonderful year of learning. I look forward to working with you as we grow and grow and develop our relationship with God and show our children a gospel centred way of life. I would like to extend a very warm welcome invitation to our Ash Wednesday Mass on Wednesday 14th February at 9.30am and our Opening School Mass on Monday 26th February at 12pm. Each year we set a formation goal that allows the children to develop and grow in their faith. Our formation goal for the year is - Every student will make a connection between Scripture and Sacraments deepening their spiritual understanding through the Three Senses as evidenced by pre, mid and post classroom assessment and RLA assessment.

Assistant Principal News 2018 Term 1 Week 2

Our learning goal in Numeracy, for 2018, is For all students to develop their visualisation skills and reasoning, by making a connection between the abstract, modelled and visual representations of their thinking.

Principal's Message 2018 Term 1 Week 2

Welcome you to 2018. A year of opportunity for growth and exploration, a chance to transform and be curious.

Principals Article Term 4 Week 10

Great achievements in 2017 and thank you to our Community

From the Assistant Principal | Week 10 Term 4 2017

Over the next 6 weeks there will undoubtedly be times of boredom. Times when your child will ask, what are we doing today? Perhaps the answer should more often be nothing. Why? We need to give our children opportunities to get creative. Throw them into a time zone where we have not rescued their boredom. Let them explore time and come up with something new.

Assistant Principal Article Week 8 Term 4

Bronze and Silver Awards, Semester 2 Reports, 2018 Calendar and Christmas Concert

Principals Article Week 8

First Communion, ANZAC Memorial Soil Collection, e-library, school calendar, Rotary dinner

Religious Education News

Religious Education News

Reading Recovery Students Graduate

Reading Recovery Students Graduate

2017 Administration End Of Year Alerts

NEW Tech One Finance System, NEW TIMS emergency alert messaging system, Payments, Student Banking

2018 Student Leadership

The student leadership group at St Finbar’s is expected to set the highest example in dress, attendance, conduct and involvement in school affairs. Their duties include assistance at school functions, of all kinds, and assisting with the conduct of assemblies. They are also assigned responsibilities connected to their particular portfolio. The Leadership Portfolios in 2018 are: 2 Mission/PBS4L Leaders, 1 Academic Leader (including ICT) and 4 House Captains

Principal's Article

Liturgy of Rememberance, Premier's Reading Challenge

Religious Education News

Remembrance Day, Month of the Holy Souls, Year 6 Graduation Mass, St Finbar's Christmas Celebrations

PBS4L and Bounceback

Synopsis for PBS4L and Bounceback

RE News Term 4 Week 4

RE News Term 4 Week 4

Basketball Gala Day

Congratulations to the students who participated in today's Basketball Gala Day

Learning Intentions and Success Criteria. What is that about?

You may have heard your children or teacher talk about learning intentions or success criteria. Perhaps you have seen them displayed in the classroom. If you have ever wondered why your child’s teacher uses these in the classroom, hopefully I can provide a brief overview of the significance and purpose of each.

PBS4L and Bullying

Most children occasionally get teased or annoyed by other children at school. Responding to this is one of the common challenges that children have to face at school. Being bullied is more serious. Bullying is when one child (or a group) repeatedly and deliberately uses negative words and/or hostile actions against one specific child that causes distress. So what might that look like?

2018 Parramatta Diocesan Team Sport Trials

2018 Parramatta Diocesan Team Sport Trials for students of Year 5 and 6 in 2018 are now open. Please see details within this article on who is eligible and how to register.

2017 Term 4 Dates

Key events at St Finbar's 2017 Term 4

Religious Education

Religious Education, Month of the Rosary, First Holy Communion, Thursday Morning Prayer, Parish Mass

Life and learning is like pastrami. Marbled, not layered.

Life is marbled, not layered looks at the importance of Pedagogical Content Knowledge. This article also contains a podcast by Lee Shulman titled, “I Believe”. In this podcast, he outlines the pastoral nature of learning as well as the importance of how we link ideas together. That metaphorically, life and learning is like pastrami. Marbled, not layered.

Opal Cards

Opal Cards


New Look Newsletter, Superheroes for Julian, End of Term, Professional Learning.

Parish News

Parish News, Altar Servers needed, St Columba's Orientation Day

Understanding Bullying

Understanding Bullying

2017 September Holidays Building Project

During the September holiday break St Finbar's will receive a fresh look. Please click on crest to view scope of works document.

Assistant Principal

Conclusion of Term 3, St Finbars and Sport

2017 The Amazing Race

On Sunday 10 September we came together as a community to host our inaugural Amazing Race at St Finbar’s Glenbrook. The weather was amazing and the company even better. The O’Callaghan Family were our master planners and they did a wonderful job creating the event. Competitors roamed the streets of Glenbrook matching images with house numbers; they skirmished through the long jump pit at Glenbrook Oval to find a parachute man to construct and then come back on site to drop onto a target. Other challenges involved teams identifying characters from books and translating music lyrics as well as paper plane throwing. The day concluded with a bbq supplied by the P and F We thank the P and F for their generosity of time and providing the bbq. It is events like this that build community and this is why St Finbar’s is such a great place to be.

Religious Education News

Religious Education News - St Finbar's Day

PBS4L and Bounceback

for PBS4L and Bounceback

Building Mental Toughness

Building Mental Toughness

Cross Country Success

Cross Country Success

New Uniforms for Gala and Zone Events

New Uniforms for Gala and Zone Events

School Prayer Circle

At the end of Week 1, our school community gathered together to acknowledge the importance of each person in our community and how we will support one another on our journey in 2017

From Mr Ticehurst

Challenging and achievable learning goals influence achievement provided the individual is involved in setting them. What are your child's learning goals and how are they tracking against these goals?

12 month anniversary of Pope Francis' Papal Encyclical Laudato Si

To commemorate the 12 month anniversary of Pope Francis' Papal Encyclical Laudato Si we asked our schools what they have been doing to care for the environment.

Bishop Vincent Long installed as the fourth Bishop of Parramatta

Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains warmly welcomed Bishop Vincent Long Van Nguyen OFM Conv as the fourth Bishop of Parramatta on the evening of Thursday 16 June 2016 in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta.

Schools launch Cyberwise campaign

Launched on 15 June, Cyberwise is a learning and teaching resource for students, teachers and parents to encourage cybersafety in schools.

Cyberwise awareness for Primary students

Cyberwise awareness for Primary students.

Cyberwise - The making of

Four students from St Mark's Catholic College, Stanhope Gardens​ share their experiences in making the Cyberwise video.

P&F Submissions Regarding the Second Airport

St Finbar’s P&F committee recently responded to the Federal government announcement to build a 2nd airport less than 30km away at Badgery’s Creek.

Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta​ welcomes Bishop Vincent Long Van Nguyen

On 5 May 2016 His Holiness Pope Francis appointed the Most Reverend Vincent Long Van Nguyen OFMConv DD, as the fourth Bishop of the Diocese of Parramatta.

Stage 3 Soccer Gala Day

Congratulations to all the players who were involved in today's Stage 3 Soccer Gala Day. The boys played so well and they represented the school with great pride.

CAPTIVATE Showcase tickets on sale

The annual CAPTIVATE Showcase Season runs from 16-27 June. Tickets are on sale now.

Hunter Kelly Strives for Personal Best in the Pool

Growth goals help you to achieve your personal best. Read this article on Hunter Kelly in Year 4 achieving his personal best this year in the pool.

2016 Federal Election message

2016 Federal Election message from the Executive Director of Schools Greg Whitby.

A Good Nights Sleep Is Vital For Your Child's Learning

While we are asleep, the brain is extremely active. Understand how enough sleep and a good sleep routine for your child will help them consolidate their learning.

Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta​ welcomes Bishop Vincent Long Van Nguyen

Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta​ welcomes Bishop Vincent Long Van Nguyen.

Directors from local preschools visit St Finbar's

Directors from local preschools visit St Finbar's Primary, Glenbrook​ to see how St Finbar's are implementing their 3 High Yield Strategies.

St Finbar's @ Cross Country and Hockey

Last week St Finbar's participated in the Diocesan Cross Country event at Eastern Creek and the Mary MacKillop trials for Hockey in Canberra.

Stage 3 Touch Team Lets Their Light Shine

Congratulations to our awesome Stage 3 Touch Team

St Finbar's Primary Enrolling Now

St Finbar’s offers our students an engaging, challenging and meaningful education through quality teaching and diverse learning opportunities.

Students Write to Persuade for WYD

Students across all Stages have create persuasive texts to encourage members of our community to attend our WYD Trivia Night.

New Year. New Teachers

The new teachers to SFG share their thoughts on their first term.

School Trivia Night

The countdown is on for the St. Finbar's Trivia Night Fundraiser. It will be held this Friday in the Parish Hall at 7.00pm.

Are you the leader of our next generation school?

St Luke’s Catholic College* will be opening at Marsden Park in 2017 and we are looking for a dynamic Principal leader to establish a high performing Catholic learning community from pre to post school.

Catholic Schools Week 2016

I belong. You belong. We belong.

Everything’s Connected at 2016 System Leadership Day

Over 450 school and education office leaders in the Diocese of Parramatta gathered at Rosehill Gardens on Thursday 21 January 2016 for the annual system leadership day, prior to the commencement of the new school year.

Teacher Accreditation and the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST)

The teacher accreditation landscape is changing as the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) continues to work on implementing the Teacher Accreditation Act.

Principals share their tips for 'Leading for Success'

Principals share their tips for 'Leading for Success'.

Leading for Success at Principals’ Masterclass

The annual Principals’ Masterclass was held on 8 and 9 October 2015, at Rooty Hill RSL, giving school leaders a valuable opportunity to come together to share ideas and participate in professional learning.

Reading Recovery teachers focus on improving students’ oral language

Reading Recovery teachers recently took part in a professional learning day.

Paper cranes will fly from St Finbar’s to Hiroshima for anniversary

Thursday 6 August 2015 marked the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan.

How to say, "What I Like" in Japanese-Year 5

An overview of a typical Japanese lesson at St Finbar's!

Champion Mathletics

Congratulations to our top 3 Mathletics

Education Mass commissions 12 new principals and 120 teachers in the Parramatta Diocese

Twelve principals and 120 beginning teachers were commissioned into their roles of leadership and service in the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta at the annual Education Mass held at St Patrick’s Church in Blacktown on Thursday 6 March 2014.