Stage 3 Soccer Gala Day

Congratulations to all the players who were involved in today's Stage 3 Soccer Gala Day. The boys played so well and they represented the school with great pride.

They finished the day in 3rd position and only had 2 goals scored against them over the 8 games played.

Goal scorers for the day were: Noah H 3, Eddie 1, Lachlan M 3, Nicholas K 1, Lachlan K 1, Baden 1. 

Our midfield and back line were fantastic all day. They ensured the players up front had the opportunities to shoot at goal. A special mention should go to Bailey, Shane, William, Nicholas W, Noah P, Connor, Daniel and Hamish who worked so hard in every game to keep the opposition out of the attack zone. James Pierre was also outstanding in goals.

Thank you to all the parents who supported throughout the day and to Mr Phoebus who coached the side and gave up his time with training and the game day.


Game 1 SFG 2 – 0
Game 2 SFG 0 – 0
Game 3 SFG 0 – 0
Game 4 SFG 2 – 0
Game 5 SFG 5 – 0
Game 6 SFG 0 – 1
Game 7 SFG 0 – 0
Game 8 SFG 1 - 1