Hunter Kelly Strives for Personal Best in the Pool

There is strong evidence that challenging, achievable goals influence achievement, provided the individual is involved in setting them.

Achievement is enhanced when challenging, rather than “do your best” goals, relative to the students’ ability, are set.

Hunter Kelly
This year we have seen one of our own achieve incredible results in the swimming pool. Hunter Kelly, of Year 4 (U/10’s), has a achieved his best results in the swimming pool this year. He managed to get progress through Zone Carnival, Diocesan Carnival, Catholic State Carnival and reached the All Schools State Championships where he finished 26th.

Much like our learning in the classroom it is always about achieving your personal best. Setting growth goals to challenge yourself to succeed and reach your potential.

Congratulations to Hunter Kelly on achieving his personal best result in the pool this year. As his classroom teacher, I can see this passion for personal bests also happening in the classroom.