How to say, "What I Like" in Japanese-Year 5

How to say, "What I Like" in Japanese-Year 5

Year 5 enjoyed rotating through 4 co-operative learning lessons today. They included 4 x rotations at Japanese theme tables:

1. Mindfulness-Japanese colouring in with a relaxation exercise.

2. Festival-Star Festival, "Tanabata" celebrated on 7th July each year.

3. Hiroshima 70 year anniversary-Japanese Art making a paper crane & a "Heiwa" (peace) artwork. Students also enjoyed watching a Japanese Anime (animation) on "Sadako & 1000 Paper Cranes."

4. Theme-Students worked with Miller Sensei in a small group to write three sentences about likes in Japanese. They first wrote an english sentence and were given the matching romaji (spoken Japabese). Students then had to break down the romaji words and decipher it to write japanese writing-"hiragana."

Here is an example of our joint construction.

Senses and Actions in Japanese

Sugoi! (Amazing!)
Keep up the great work Year 5,
Miller Sensei