Complaints Forms and Procedure

Complaint Handling Procedures

Complaints will be addressed according to the Complaint Handling Guidelines, in a professional, competent and timely manner.

Complaint Handling Guidelines

Scope and Application

These guidelines apply to parents/guardians, students, visitors, volunteers, community members, employees and contractors of the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta, except where issues are dealt in accordance with:

  • Suspension, Transfer, Expulsion, Exclusion Procedures 2012
  • Child Protection – Risk of Harm and Significant Harm and/or Allegations
  • Relevant CEO discipline procedures for employees (for serious complaints involving allegations of misconduct/unsatisfactory performance by employees)
  • Enterprise Agreements/Awards
  • Anti-Bullying Policy for Students 2005
  • Criminal Jurisdiction.

Generally student complaints will be processed through school procedures relating to pastoral care or student management. The Catholic Education Office Complaint Handling Procedures may be used in matters assessed as more serious in nature, and involving an adult as one of the parties (e.g. a complaint by a student against a teacher, a teacher against a student, or by a parent on behalf of their child).

Complaints relating to the areas of discrimination, harassment and bullying are dealt with according to these guidelines, with reference to the Countering Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying Policy (2010).

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